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I am a forward-thinking, unconventional doctor.  To say I do things differently is an understatement.  I received my doctorate from Texas Chiropractic College in 1995, graduating cum laude.  While training with some of the most progressive, revolutionary minds in the health and wellness industry, I completed thousands of hours of post-graduate studies focused on functional medicine concepts.  These progressive experts include Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Jeff Spencer and Dr. Alan Bonebrake.


Over the last 25 years I have fine-tuned my skillset with the above individuals and more to develop my own unique, quick and effective treatments to achieve optimal results for my patients.  This allows me to locate and address interferences and imbalances that hinder your ability to heal.  These treatment sessions are results-driven.

With this method, I have helped patients reduce pain, stress, recover from injuries quicker, relieve symptoms of chronic illness and take athlete's performance to the next level.  See testimonial videos here.


Dr. Drew Johnson

Whatever challenge you are facing, from wonder years to wisdom years, regaining optimal health makes all the difference.

We recently relocated to The Woodlands/Magnolia area from College Station.  We are excited to serve our community!

Dr. Drew's Comphrehensive Treatments

I work diligently to locate and address the root cause of your health challenges utilizing a variety of modalities and techniques. 


Appointments include a consultation, evaluation and treatment which may include any combination of the following modalities or techniques: chiropractic adjustments, tensegrity adjustments, Applied Kinesiology, nutritional testing, cold laser therapy, identification of health blockages (physical, mental or emotional stress), percussion, T.T.A.P.S. and NIMMO.

I listen, evaluate, and apply a variety of techniques in each session because I believe in doing what's necessary, within my scope of practice, to get my patients healthy and able to perform at their optimal level.  

An educational component is also added during these sessions because I want you to understand why you feel a difference.  I want to empower you with the knowledge you need to stay on a healthy, hōlsəm path. 

Tensegrity Adjustments

Tensegrity is the relationship between your muscles and bones.  The term "tensegrity" was originally used in architecture combining the words tension + integrity to describe how the integrity of a structure was determined by the balance of the tension members.


In relation to the human body, your bones are the structure and your muscles create the tension that balances and stabilizes the structure as well as creates motion of the structure while maintaining balance and stability.  When the tension of a muscle is compromised, so is the balance and stability of your structure.  Even small distortions in posture can have large effects throughout the body.  Similar to the tensegrity of a spider web.  If you cut one strand the whole web is altered. 

It only takes a few seconds to restore function to an inhibited muscle.  The correction to the nerve is often made by using a low-level laser.  This is similar to resetting a power outlet by flipping the switch at the breaker box.  Patients don't feel the laser, but they do feel the strength in their muscle restored during their post treatment test.


TTAPS is one of the newest techniques that Dr. Drew is now utilizing in his practice.  This technique was developed by Dr. Alan Bonebrake, D.C. from his 40 years of research, experience, and multiple degrees and certifications. 

T.T.A.P.S. requires no drugs, surgery, decompression, massage, acupuncture, machines, popping of joints, and elicits little or no pain:

Tapping (a light skin manipulation)
Tangoreceptors (sense organs that respond only to physical contact, such as touch)
to induce
Anodynia (freedom from pain)
by correcting
Proprioceptive information (sensory nerves giving the brain information concerning body movements and position)
Sanative (healing)


Dr. Bonebrake's technique utilizes Hilton's Law of Physiology through correcting faulty nerve signals going to your brain from your skin resulting in:

  • Increased:

    • Range of Motion and Strength

    • Blood and Lymphatic flow

    • Balance

    • Overall sense of well-being

  • Decreased:

    • Pain

    • Muscle Tension

    • Hypersensitivity

    • Burning sensation

    • Numbness and Tingling

    • Coldness of Hands, Feet, Nose, Ears 

*Hilton’s Law of Physiology: The nerve that innervates a joint also innervates the muscles that move the joint and the skin that covers the attachments of those muscles.


Chiropractic Adjustments


The purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment is to reduce subluxations and restore normal motion in a vertebral joint.


A vertebral subluxation is a complex set of conditions that exist because some sort of stress (physical, mental, emotional, chemical, or electrtro- magnetic) has altered the body's ability to allow a joint in the spine to move through it's full, normal range of motion.  There are more than one hundred joints in the spine.

Subluxations interfere with normal nerve signals. Since the nervous system controls, regulates or influences all function in the body, it is very important that the proper information reaches its destination unaltered.

Chiropractic adjustments remove the interference to the nervous system and allow the innate intelligence of the body to reach its destinations and control all bodily functions, just as it was designed.


Don't all chiropractors perform adjustments the same way?  What's special about Dr. Drew's adjustments?


There are many different and effective techniques that chiropractors use to adjust the spine.  

I use a diversified approach utilizing both instrument and manual techniques.  I also use Applied Kinesiology to verify which joints need to be adjusted and whether the desired outcome was achieved from the adjustment. 

Laser Therapy

I use Erchonia Low Level Lasers.  These are photochemical (cold), not thermal (hot) lasers, in the red and violet spectrum.  Cold lasers are used for healing therapies.  We encourage you to find more information and review clinical research directly from the source at



Another tool in my tool kit is the Erchonia Percussor.  Highly effective and loved by patients, this tool can offer pain relief as well as quickly correct issues with fascia, soft tissues and joint motion.  



A soft-tissue pain relief technique focused on breaking the cycle of pain.  Specific pressure is applied to a muscle to interrupt the body's impulses in order to allow the muscle to relax and restore joint function. 

You may find more infomation regarding this technique here:

Stop the pain cycle!
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